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george jarmulski


Mr George Jarmulski

Master Drive Services Limited





I have been involved with industry related training for nearly 20 years, all of this with Master Drive Services Limited of which I am a director. Master Drive provides education and training for Drivers, Operators, Instructors and Assessors and is a nationwide NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) approved driver training company and a New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) registered private training establishment (PTE) - this being the equivalent of an Australian RTO.


Whilst the bulk of TRANZnet members are Australian based there is a strong network of current and past committee members who have offered their support to me in taking on the President’s role and I am confident that this support will help me lead your executive committee to deliver to members’ expectations.


Skills & Expertise

  • Training
  • Risk Assessment
  • Coaching
  • Logistics
  • Leadership Development
  • Training Delivery
  • Management
  • Change Management
  • Employee Training
  • Culture Change
  • Vocational Education

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